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Rorn, also known as Blazing Rorn the Fury or Rorn of the Rages, was one of the primordials who fought against the gods before the sundering of Abeir-Toril.[1]


Rorn was a gigantic humanoid with cooling lava-like skin and the head and tail of a dragon, capable of transforming into a blazing star of light brighter than the sun.[1]


Rorn was a slave of a powerful fury, and was notorious for his unjust retributions. He returned anger with unmatched rage, insult with atrocity, and violence with wanton destruction. He had a few moments of calm and clarity, however, and during those times he was a very prudent, tolerant, and composed being.[1]


Before the sundering of Abeir-Toril, Rorn was the most hated and feared primordial, both by gods and primordials alike, due to his violent temperament and by the fact that he had killed many gods, other lesser divine beings, and even other primordials as well. In spite of this, he was one of the few primordials who proposed an alliance between gods and primordials, although none of the gods accepted because they feared him, and also because he had killed so many divine beings for they to forget him. Eventually, Rorn began to hate the gods as well.[1] Rorn was considered to be the creator of the earth giants.[3]

After Abeir-Toril was split into two worlds, Abeir and Toril, Rorn tried to live in peace, but the dragons rebelled against the primordials, starting the War of Fang and Talon.[1] After having lost an eye in battle,[2] Rorn and his servants retired to Fimbrul and entered into a deep stasis in which they neither aged nor deteriorated.[1]

After the Spellplague transported Laerakond to Toril, Rorn partly recovered his consciousness while his servants fully awakened. They founded the Court of Rorn and began to work to awaken him. By 1479 DR, Rorn was able to communicate with them, although he still was far from being fully awakened.[1]





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