The Rose Garden was a large cluster of various species of roses that grew in the southeast corner of the Battle of Bones.[1]


The Rose Garden was large, measuring approximately 140 feet (42.6 meters) by 140 feet. Roughly octagonal shaped, this supernatural garden mystified sages for centuries. The rose bushes grew together so thickly that passing through them was impossible. One could just make out the secretive passage ways within if they peered through the bushes carefully, but view from the air was blocked by dense foliage. In addition to the common rose, several other species of roses comprised the Rose Garden. Species included the mourning rose, creeper rose, common bloodrose, sunset rose, ruby blushrose, and undead bloodrose. The aroma of roses produced a disorienting effect on those who traveled through the maze for too long. Short term memory was also affected, making it nearly impossible to successfully map the garden.

At their widest point, the passages within the Rose Garden were only 30 inches (76 cm) wide, providing ample opportunity for explorers to cut themselves on some of the poisoned thorns or leaves.[1]


It remained unknown who, if anyone, created the Rose Garden. Many hyopotheses existed to explain its appearance. One guess was that an evil lich created the maze-like garden to lure victims to their deaths. Another said that grieving widows planted the garden to honor the dead. Experts agreed that there remained an unexplored center of the Rose Garden.[1]

Rumors and LegendsEdit

Many sages agreed that decanters of endless water, or something similar, were buried under the Rose Garden due to the arid climate yet rich coloring of the garden's flowers.

One brash individual met a horrible end when he tried to use fire on the Rose Garden.[1]



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