The man known as "Rosey" was a sergeant, or musar in the army of the bakkal of Cursrah between the time of Calim's binding and that city-state's fall.[2]


Rosey had a birthmark on his cheek that looked something like a strawberry and that had earned him his nickname. He was a hulk of a man. As a musar, he wore a red braid.[2]


Rosey served in the army of Cursrah for twelve years. In −6048 DR, while thoroughly inebriated, he participated in a friendly bar fight with the young officer cadet Tafir, but their raucous competition was stopped by their commanding officer.[2]

Upon leaving the bar, two assassins from the hatori guild attacked Tafir's female companion, having recognized that she was in fact the princess of Cursrah, Amenstar. Amenstar found herself nearly strangled to death by a garrote and carried off to a thieves' den, but was pursued by her friends and many soldiers and civilians from the tavern. Rosey saved her life by punching her captor with a powerful blow, and he began carrying her to safety, but his neck was slit by another assassin, killing him.[2]




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