We fly high and stoop swift
  — Rosznar family motto[2]

The Rosznar family (pronounced: /ˈrzznɑːrROZZ-nar[3], or: /ˈrɔːnɑːrRAWJ-nar[4]) was a noble house of Waterdeep that was banished from the city, but returned in the early 1490s DR.[5]


In the late 15th century DR, the Rosznar family returned from their banishment from Waterdeep after being convicted of slavery over 100 years prior. But they were unable to regain the respect they'd lost in the scandal that got them banished in the first place. Many members were resentful of the loss, rationalizing that all families had skeletons in their closets and they were just unlucky that a family squabble had let their secret go public. They argued that the slave trade in Amn remained in good standing, as well as in other locations.[5]

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