The Rotting Man was a half-fiend druidTalontar blightlord, and Chosen of Talona.[1]


He was first recorded in the Rawlinswood in the Year of the Helm, 1362 DR.[2][3] He led an army of Talontar blightlords and various blightspawned creatures.[4]

In the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR, he led his army to seize Dun-Tharos from the Circle of Leth. The Nentyarch and other druids retreated to Yeshelmaar.[2][5][6]

In the Year of Rogue Dragons, 1373 DR, on Mirtul 7, he was driven out of Dun-Tharos by a servant of Lurue. However, he left a legacy: hundreds of demons under Dun-Tharos awakened by the conflict.[7]



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