Rowan Blackwood was a skilled thief in Hillsfar in 1373 DR.[1]


Rowan claimed to have been born in Waterdeep but at one point was forced to leave the city after some unspeakable troubles and settled in Hillsfar, and her enemies never looked for her here.

Rowan joined the Rogues Guild and became one of its most respected members. However, in truth, she was the main agent of a wererat family that wanted to infiltrate the Rogues Guild and all Hillsfar. The lycanthropes planned to enter the city unnoticed using the sewers, then raid the headquarter of the Rogues Guild, killing most of its members and turning a select few indicated by Rowan into new wererats.[1]


Rowan posed as a young widow and she helped her Guild fellows by planning schemes, spying, and thieving. She was busy memorizing all the tunnels, rooms, and exits from the Guild's headquarter, waiting for the day of the wererat attack.[1]


Rowan was a ruthless individual who could kill a friend in cold blood without hesitation to protect her family. She was smart, charismatic, and driven. She believed Hillsfar a perfect place to live for her family. She was wary of Maalthiir because his magic maybe could unveil her.[1]




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