Rowen Cormaeril was a Purple Dragon until his cousin Gaspar and several other nobles betrayed the royal family of Cormyr and had their nobility removed by Azoun IV, whereupon he became a scout assigned to Alusair Obarskyr's party.[1]

He fell in love with princess Tanalasta Obarskyr and eventually married her in the eyes of Chauntea, albeit with no witnesses. He was then separated from her when Alusair ordered him to track down Vangerdahast while the rest of their party fled to safety.[2].

Before he tracked down the Royal Magician, he was tricked by the illusions of Mad King Boldavar into thinking Tanalasta was in danger. In choosing to go to her aid instead of following his orders, he betrayed Cormyr. In doing so, the Mad King turned him into a ghazneth.[3]

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