The Royal Council of Aglarond was the council that advised the Simbul, ruler of Aglarond, since the beginning of her reign in 1320 DR.[1]


It met monthly, usually at full moon, at the Council Hall in Velprintalar.[1] As of 1374 DR, the council meetings had reached around a tenday in length.[1]


The council was made up of 30 members, of which 11 were from major cities and the others were from smaller villages in Aglarond. The Fang and Dahst did not recognize their being part of Aglarond at all, and therefore did not send a councilor.[2] Most of the positions on the council were hereditary positions held by the nobility of a particular province or city.[1]


The council was originally formed when Aglarond was created in 1065 DR.[2]


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