Ruathimaer, or starwings, were elven spelljammers unique to Realmspace. A small fleet of these ships was controlled by the Evermeet elves.[1][2]


Starwings resembled smaller versions of men-o-war and were powered by minor or major helms. They needed a minimum crew of 10 to operate and could hold a maximum compliment of 50 individuals without compromising their air supplies.[1]


In the mid‒14th century DR, a small fleet of six starwings was kept hidden in the small rocky island of Sumbrar, located about 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Evermeet. They were manned by highly trained crews but, despite being fully capable of space travel, usually stayed close to home in case they became necessary. They were kept secretly in reserve to carry out their primary mission of defending Evermeet, ready to be deployed so that they could attack enemies from above. Their crews kept utmost secrecy regarding the existence of the Ruathimaer fleet.[1][2]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was believed that the Ruathimaer had been designed by elves native to Realmspace.[1]



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