Ruathym was the largest settlement on the island of Ruathym in the Trackless Sea.[2]


Ruathym was located to the south of Holgerstead,[4] another settlement on the island, and close to the magical ruins of Inthar, where a drow banshee dwelt until 1361 DR.[5]


In 1361 DR, the Elfmaid brought Liriel Baenre and her companion Fyodor to the island, where they hoped to harness the rune magic of Yggdrasil's Child. They stayed in Ruathym town for some time, investigating suspicious disappearances and deaths of local fishermen and others. Liriel defeated the drow banshee at Inthar and discovered that Dagmar, the daughter of Ulf the Shaman, was betraying her people to the Kraken Society. Liriel eventually discovered and defeated a conspiracy by Luskan and the Kraken Society.

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Notable inhabitantsEdit

  • Dagmar, daughter of Ulf and twin of Ygraine; betrayed her people to the Kraken Society and died in 1361 DR.[8]
  • Hrolf the Unruly, pirate captain of the Elfmaid.[9]
  • Ulf the Shaman of Ruathym town.[10]
  • Ygraine, daughter of Ulf and twin of Dagmar; prophesied to be the one to return the magic of hamfriggan shapeshifters to Ruathym.[11]