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Ruby dragons were a rare species of gem dragons who often were confused with red dragons, however, unlike their chromatic cousins, ruby dragons were creatures that followed laws and stayed away from moral extremes.[1]


Ruby dragons had fine ruby-red shimmering and glistening scales, indistinguishable from those of red dragons from a distance of 120 feet (37 meters) or further. Upon closer examination, their gem dragon nature became immediately apparent.[1]


Like other dragons, rubies' main weapon was their breath. Unlike their red kin, ruby dragons' breath was a wave of intense metal-melting magic heat that melted and ignited anything and anyone unlucky enough to be caught in the breath's way. The intensity of the heat increased as a ruby dragon aged. Items made of light materials, such as paper, were incinerated instantly, leather was destroyed within 6 seconds, non-metallic items were destroyed within 12 seconds, and metals melted after 18 seconds. The heat of ruby a dragon's breath was intense enough to melt even enchanted metallic items, however, it took them 24 seconds or more to be destroyed. Magic items with resistance to fire were just as vulnerable to this type of breath as other magic items, however it took twice as much time to become unusable. Even if affected magic items were quickly cooled, there was a chance parts of the enchantments were nullified.[1]

With age, ruby dragons became completely immune to mundane and magical flames and heat. Their jeweled hides granted ruby dragons good protection and resistance to cold.[1]

Ruby dragons were able to take on humanoid shapes, seemingly for an indefinite amount of time. Some, if not all ruby dragons, could use the Art innately. Some of the spells they could cast included shocking grasp, summon swarm, and produce flame.[2][note 1]


Older ruby dragons enjoyed bathing in molten rock of lava and strolling along scorching magma.[1]


When forced into confrontation, ruby dragons used their deadly super-heated breath, as well as their raking claws and powerful crushing jaws.[1]


Ruby dragons could be found in solitary existence as well as in tightly-knit clans and inhabited the same terrains as their red dragon cousins. Ruby dragon were known to build joined conclaves with red dragon on the tallest secluded mountaintops.[3] However, ruby dragons were more likely venture into higher altitudes than red dragons.[1] Most ruby dragons spoke their own their own language, the shared tongue of all gem dragons, and the language of red dragons.[1]

These voracious gem dragons consumed meat as well as gemstones. Because of that almost compulsive love for consuming the most dense and precious of gems, ruby dragons ofter attacked dwarves with glee, hoping to find delicious gems among their possessions. Ruby dragons valued gems above all else and happily accepted such gifts, bribes, and offerings.[1]

Ruby dragons could cross-breed with amethyst dragons.[2]


Sardior the Ruby Dragon, was believed to be the first of the ruby dragons. Some sages believed that Sardior hailed from the First World and upon his death, he shattered, giving birth to other gem dragons.[4]




War in Tethyr


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