The Ruby of Chissentra was a large magical scrying gem bestowed upon the traitor-priestess Shakti Hunzrin by Vhaeraun.[1]


The gem was linked to a ruby bowl engraved with runes. The gem could not function unless it had a host. In order to function, the gem had to be pressed against someone's forehead, causing searing pain as it burned into their flesh. The gem would then work as a third eye for the wielder of the ruby bowl, who would be able not only to see through the gem, but also to mentally speak to the bearer and also to inflict excruciating psychic pain, which could reach lethal levels.[1]

"A third eye," she explained. "The ruby is attuned to a scrying bowl that will enable me to see whatever you see, even in the Night Above."
  — Shakti Hunzrin

Liriel finally destroyed the stone during the confrontation between the drow and the Rashemi when she cast a spell demanding a large gem as a material component. As a result of the spell, Brindlor, the latest bearer of the stone, had the stone removed from his forehead and burst in an explosion of gore.[2]

Notable OwnersEdit

Nisstyre was the first bearer of the ruby. When Shakti boasted the favor of Vhaeraun, she enlisted his help, searing the stone into his forehead in her plot to kill Liriel Baenre. He wore it until his death in his magical duel against Liriel.[1]

The last bearer of the stone was Brindlor Zidorion, recruited by Gorlist in order to murder Liriel. He put the stone onto his forehead at Shakti's behest.[2]



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