Rugs of smothering were magically animated rugs that were commonly employed as traps. They attacked by trapping and constraining their victims.[1]


There was a large variety of shapes and appearances that a rug of smothering could be made into. They sometimes were built to resemble carpets of flying, but were otherwise indistinguishable from ordinary, non-magical rugs, except if inspected through magical detection.[1]


The typical tactic adopted by a rug of smothering in combat was to rise and constrict a target creature standing on it or next to it. The trapped creature could not breath while imprisoned, and was slowly crushed by the rug unless freed. While a rug of smothering had a creature in its grasp, it had the ability to deflect part of any damage it received to its victim.[1]

Like all constructs, rugs of smothering were susceptible to antimagic effects. They immediately fell unconscious while inside an antimagic field, and could be knocked out for up to a minute if targeted by a dispel magic spell.[1]



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