Ruha was a Bedine woman who was a member of the Harpers.[citation needed]


She is described as having sable hair, a proud nose, sultry eyes, and regal cheeks. Her cheeks are tattooed with crossed hash marks.[1]


As a child, Ruha would often have visions of things to come. This was seen by her tribe, the Mtair Dhafir, as a sign of witchcraft, and she was outcast by her father, the sheikh. She was then raised by Qoha'dar, a much older outcast woman, who taught her magic until she died, upon which point Ruha returned to her tribe. To avoid half his tribe leaving, her father arranged for her to marry a warrior from the Qahtani tribe, a man named Ajaman. After the death of Ajaman and the Qahtani at the hands of the Zhentarim, Ruha and Kadumi, Ajaman's brother set off to warn the Mtair Dhafir of the Zhentarim. They later came across a young Harper by the name of Lander, whose mission it was to stop the Zhentarim from opening a trade route across Anauroch. Together, the three of them saw to it that many of the desert tribes formed an alliance against the Zhentarim, although Ruha was the only one of the three to survive to see them succeed.[1]


Ruha in action!

Sometime after leaving the Anauroch, Storm Silverhand sent her to Voonlar as part of a mission to disrupt a slave trade. Due to her inexperience, with cultures outside the Bedine, the mission failed.[2]

Ruha was then sent to Elversult, to help restore the Lady Yanseldara, from a magical coma induced by the dracolich Cypress and his Cult of the Dragon cell.[2]



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