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Ruins of Adventure is an adventure for AD&D 1st edition that was set in the Forgotten Realms.

A great evil force descended on the town of Phlan years ago. The townspeople were all either killed or driven away, and Phlan became (literally) a ghost town. Fifty years later, the survivors are ready to reclaim their town. But they need a band of strong and brave adventurers to lead the fight—they need you. Ruins of Adventure is a set of connected short adventures written by James Ward, David "Zeb" Cook, Steve Winter and Mike Breault—four names familiar to all AD&D® game fans. It uses the same setting, locations, and characters as the computer game Pool of Radiance by Strategic Simulations, Inc. In fact, many of the scenarios here in Ruins of Adventure will provide important clues to the successful completion of Pool of Radiance.[2]


The adventurers are hired to remove evil forces from Phlan, presumably by killing them. They hear rumor of a Boss controlling them and seek him out. This Boss proves to be a worthy adversary, but in the end the adventurers defeat him.


  • Introduction
  • Civilized Phlan
  • Reconquest of Sokol Keep
  • Kovel Mansion
  • Mansions
  • Slums
  • The Temple of Bane
  • Delving Into Kuto's Well
  • Mantor's Library
  • Stojanow Gate
  • Podol Plaza
  • The Cadorna Textile House
  • Valhingen Graveyard
  • Valjevo Castle
  • Sorcerer's Island
  • Zhentil Keep Outpost
  • Thri-Kreen Village
  • Orcs
  • Nomad Camp
  • Lizardmen Lair
  • Kobolds Kingdom
  • Hobgoblins
  • Random Encounters Section


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Al-Hyam DhazidAldoAmber (half-elf)AntonAuthurAzurite (half-elf)BanyunBishop BraccioBuldwarCarloCarnelian (half-elf)Dagger (half-orc)DirtanDomoDoralDurendalDustinEarthaEelzifestroErnstEvan of the BowFengorFerran MartinezGalarrianGarwinGeorgGilesestriGorgGroundlaHaroldIan CockburnIndelJade (half-elf)JeromeJet (half-elf)JonnelJurinKantal O' the AxeLanyard O' the SailMace (half-orc)MatteoMendacantMiles DormansNat WylerNorris the GrayOnyx (half-elf)Otavius GenheerisPhanalPorphyrys CadornaQuarrelRen (wizard)ShanalSilvanestriSoilishSpear (half-orc)SrossarStonalTabatTaltonestriTaraskTauranusTongTopaz (half-elf)TuranTyranthraxusUlrich EberhardUtosVilanestroWerner von UrslingenWren (person)WollaegerYarashZelenshaZilinsheZolonsho
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Baron SchodtBorem of the Lake of Boiling MudCamnod the UnseenDirgEdrankaEugenia CadornaHaask, Voice of HargutJezmaMaram of the Great SpearMendorMuldoogNarteflunTomarusTorath


basiliskbronze dragonbugbeardogdoppelgangerduergardwarfelffire giantfleaghoulgiant lizardgiant skeletongnollgnomegoblingrey elfgreen slimehalf-elfhalf-orchalflinghauntherringhill gianthobgoblinhorsehumanjuju zombiekoboldlizardmanlousemedusamuleochre jellyogreorcpilgrimpoisonous frogpoisonous snakequicklingskeletonslithering trackerspectrethri-kreentrollvampirewightwraithzombie
Encounter Charts Only
ankhegapeaquatic elfaquatic ogreblack bearboarcave menconstrictor snakedinosaur (ankisaurusiguanadon) • dire wolfdisplacer beastdoppelgangergiant bombardier beetlegiant mantisgiant ottergiant poisonous froggiant scorpiongiant squidgiant turtlegorillahippogriffjackalkorredleopardlionmastodonminotaurmummynymphphase spiderscragskeletal dragonstirgetigerwar dogwerewolfwolf
Referenced only
dragongolemgoosefroglizardpegasuspreying mantissahuagintoadseraphim


Buildings & Sites
Bitter BladeCadorna Textile HouseCouncil Chambers (Phlan)Cracked CrownsDocksIsland KeepIsonzo ShipyardJail (Phlan)Kovel MansionKuto's WellMansion DistrictMantor's LibraryNat Wyler's BellPodol PlazaResidential DistrictSlum DistrictSlum MarketSokol KeepStockade WallStojanow GateTemple of Bane (Phlan)Valjevo CastleValhingen GraveyardZhentil Keep outpost (Phlan)
Referenced only
Cadorna villaCitadel of the Raven
Referenced only
BarzeCormyrDamaraKingdom of CalimshanLee-waiTortured Land
Kobold KingdomHobgoblin KingdomPhlanOld Phlanthri-kreen village (Phlan)
Referenced only
AlmraivenMelvauntVaneVarmVitkovZhentil Keep
Kuto RiverSauros IslandStojanow RiverSorcerer's IsleThorn Island
Referenced only
Dragonspine MountainsLake LongreachQuivering ForestTweenhill Gap
Ruins of Phlan


CadornaPhlan CouncilTown Guard (Phlan)WelcomersWild HuntZhentarim
Referenced only
Cadorna Mercantile houseRaven ClanRed Wizards of ThayRidersTwisted OnesUthgardt


Magic Weapons
black hammerheavy crossbow of accuracycrossbow of speedDefenderdwarven throwerflame tonguejavelin of lightningsling of seekingstaff of strikingstaff of the serpent
Magic Armor
missile attractorrobe of displacement
Magic Accessories
belt of hill giant strengthbracers of defensegauntlets of ogre powernecklace of missilesnecklace of strangulationring of contrarinessring of feather fallingring of fire resistancering of free actionring of invisibilityring of protectionring of regenerationring of shooting starsring of spell storingring of spell turningring of telekinesis
wand of coldwand of confusionwand of fearwand of firewand of lightningwand of magic missileswand of paralyzationwand of secret door and trap location
bag of holdingblue ioun stonedeep red ioun stonedust of disappearancedusty rose ioun stoneelven cloakholy symbolhorn of collapsinghorn of Valhallaincense of meditationiridescent ioun stonemanual of bodily healthnet of entrapmentpale blue ioun stonepale green ioun stonepink ioun stoneportable holeQuaal's feather tokenscarlet ioun stone
Referenced only
Horn of Doom
holy waterKeoghtom's ointmentpotion of clairaudiencepotion of delusionpotion of fire resistancepotion of flyingpotion of gaseous formpotion of healingpotion of heroismpotion of strengthoil of slipperinesspotion of speedpotion of treasure finding
affect normal firesanimate deadblade barrierblessblindnessburning handscause light woundscharm personconfusionconjure earth elementalcreate food and watercure serious woundscursedarkness, 15' radiusdetect invisibilitydetect magicdispel evildispel magicenlargeESPfeather fallfearfireballflame strikeflyfree actionhastehold monsterhold personidentifyice storminvisible stalker (spell)invisibilityknow alignmentlightlightning boltlocate objectmagic missilepart waterpower word, stunprotection from evilprotection from goodprotection from magicprotection from normal missilesmagic missilemass charmminor globe of invulnerabilitymonster summoning IIpolymorphpolymorph otherpolymorph selfprayer (spell)protection from goodray of enfeeblementremove curserepulsion cloudshadow monstersshield (spell)silence, 15' radiussleepslowspider climbspiritual hammerstinking cloudteleportwall of fogwater breathingwebwizard eyewizard lock
pool of radiance




arquebusaxebroadswordchatkchaclubcrossbowdaggerdartfootman's macegreatswordgythkahalberdhammerhand axeheavy crossbowjavelinlongbowlongswordmacemorningstarscimitarshort bowshortspearshort swordsledgespearswordwar hammer
banded mailchainmailleather armorplate mailscale mailshieldstudded leather
Food & Drink
ciderdried fishiron rationspotatosaltsalted herringwine
Referenced only
reed grassrose
Materials & Substances
brassbronzecharcoalcoppergoldironivoryleatherlime (material)limestonemarblenoxious powderoilparchmentpearlrubysealing waxsheepskinsilverthatch
Referenced only
war canoeskiff
Referenced only
ballistabellowsbookcandlejumping jackloomquarrelscroll
The Chronicles of ArramDiscourse of the Nature of WritingFyerdetha's Discourses on PowerThe Grand Historian's Records of the Arts of WarThe Harmony of the RockThe History of the NorthLex GeographicaMeditationsStrom's Discussions of PoeticsUrgund's Description of Darkness
Referenced only
Battle of Phlan
Lizardfolk language



  1. The timelines of the original Pool of Radiance series of video games, and the FRC series of adventure modules cannot co-exist with the canon novels. The video games and modules start in 1357-1358 DR. However, due to the release of content related to the Time of Troubles, the Pool of Radiance novel was shifted backwards to 1340 DR. This spoils the continuity for the video games that originally took place from 1358 DR to 1368 DR (which now starts in 1340 DR), and the adventure modules (Curse of the Azure Bonds took place directly after Ruins of Adventure). For this reason, the events and timelines of the Pool of Radiance video games and the FRC adventure modules are considered non-canon. However, the background information about characters, creatures, locations, and items etc, may still be documented.


  • Writing: Mike Breault, David Cook, Jim Ward, Steve Winter
  • Editing: Scott Haring
  • Cover Art: Clyde Caldwell
  • Interior Art: James Holloway
  • Cartography: Diesel, Dennis Kauth, David Sutherland
  • Typography: Betty Elmore
  • Keylining: Stephanie Tabat

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