Ruins of Zhentil Keep is a sourcebook for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting using the 2nd-edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. It details Zhentil Keep and the Zhentarim.

Visit the Heart of the Black Network.

Known throughout the Realms as the headquarters of the Zhentarim, Zhentil Keep has long been a trade hub, a seat of power, and a nest of corruption at the edge of the Moonsea. This boxed set details Zhentil Keep in the days of Bane the Black Lord, before the Time of Troubles. It also presents the new Zhentil Keep, a city nearly destroyed by the insane Cyric, Prince of Lies.

This campaign expansion contains:

  • A 128-page sourcebook detailing the old and new Zhentil Keep, the history of the city, the sinister Black Network, and important villains.
  • A 64-page adventure book with three new perilous adventures that take heroes into Zhentil Keep, under it, and to nearby communities.
  • A MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM Appendix booklet containing 16 new creatures.
  • Three poster maps depicting the old Zhentil Keep, the new Zhentil Keep, and the activities of the malevolent Zhentarim.
  • Eight cards describing areas containing some of the most nefarious NPCs and monsters ever to be associated with Zhentil Keep.
Enter and beware!


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