Captain Rulathorn is the aged and distinguished[2] commander of the city watch of Waterdeep.[3] A fair, but tough man, Rulathorn is more than willing to arrest the same person time and again until they cease wrongdoings within the city. Rulathorn reports directly to Open Lord Piergeiron.[2]


Captain Rulathorn hair was long and black, his face was decorated with a black mustache. He was a warrior of significant expertise in subtle reconnaissance and thorough knowledge of the people of Waterdeep.[1]


Rulathorn's armed with the red sword, which is somewhat famous within Waterdeep. He is also known to use an iron horn of Valhalla to summon reinforcements.[2]


In 1377 DR, on the 17th and 18th of Eleint, Captain Rulathorn was present at the wedding ceremony between the Open Lord of Waterdeep Piergeiron the Paladinson and Eidola of Neverwinter. The event was swept away by a whirlwind of sinister plots around the wedding. When the Open Lord discovered the looming danger, Rulathorn was one of the people Piergeiron trusted to investigate the Master Mariners' Guild, the shapeshifters, and the eventual abduction of the bride.[4]



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