The Rushing Hills was a series of rocky outcroppings that lay southeast of the city of Lheshayl in the Shining Plains in the Vilhon Reach.[1][2]

Geography[edit | edit source]

The Rushing Hills were a rough and rocky range, consisting of natural outcroppings of rock. These hindered planting in the area.[1][2]

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

The Krakk't tribe of thri-kreen made their home here, as well as in the plains to the southwest. The tribe only numbered about fifty or so members and was nomadic. The tribe was further split into three distinct packs, for which reason outsiders called them "tri-kreen". They hunted rabbits, Plainsteeds, and other herd animals that entered their territory.[1] They considered horse a delicacy. They rarely attacked travelers in the area, but the chances of an attack rose if there were elves in the group[2] (as elf-meat was also a delicacy for thri-kreen).[3]

The fire drakes of the Deepwing Mountains hunted for food in the Rushing Hills,[2] and occasionally attacked the thri-kreen there.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Around 1360 DR, the folk of Lheshayl decided to try to drive the thri-kreen from the hills. They made sure no animals ever wandered into the tribes' hunting area. However, this tactic only drove the thri-kreen farther north and they attacked travelers on the road. This incident established the semi-official policy of driving some animals into the hills to keep the thri-kreen fed, so they did not prey on merchants journeying to Lheshayl.[1]

Rumors[edit | edit source]

Liches and other undead were said to live in the hills, and some in Lheshayl said the undead controlled the thri-kreen, but these tales were unconfirmed.[2]

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