Saablic Tan was a Red Wizard of Thay and master transmuter in Dorn's Deep.

Possessions Edit

As a show of good faith, leaders of The Legion of the Chimera, Isair and Madae, bestowed upon Tan the Xvimvian Fang dagger. His red cloak was the enchanted Shroud of Bankao. He also kept the dangerous cacofiend spell on his person.

History Edit

He created the neo-orogs in Dorn's Deep and employed a clone of the drow wizard Malavon Despana. However, the clone turned insane and transformed Saablic into an umber hulk, forcing him out of Dorn's Deep.[1]

The resourceful wizard managed to escape this fate and then worked for The Legion of the Chimera. He was credited with creating the Viciscamera, a device that could transform drow into driders. He also worked with the demon, Belhifet, as this gave him many opportunities for experimentation.According to Malavon, he was obsessed with perverting creatures with his transmutation magic.[2]

He tried to stop a group of adventurers from attacking The Legion of the Chimera in the Fields of Slaughter. Saablic Tan believed that that the humans in the Icewind Dale region wished to destroy anyone who was not like them. Tan stood up for the half-breeds, and referred to them as his "brothers and sisters". In the end, the red wizard's life ended in the hands of these adventurers.[2]



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