Saarvin was a dragonborn ranger[2] of gold dragon ancestry.


Saarvin fought with bow and arrow, as well as throwing axes. He often wore a ranger's hood and a mountaineer's cloak.[2]


Saarvin was born in Fireshear and spent much of time proclaining that he had climbed the tallest peaks of the Spine of the World and stolen coins from a sleeping dragon.[1]

The dragonborn helped the Heroes of Baldur's Gate when ambushed by ogres.[3] He later assisted in the defence of Fireshear during a raid by frost giants.[4] Afterwards, using his extensive knowledge of the trails along Cold Crag Peak, he lead the Heroes of Baldur's Gate to the lair of Nilanthe, a white dragon forced to serve Gryttmort, leader of the local frost giant clan.[5]

Saarvin later traveled the Waterdeep to search for new friends and to challenge himself even further.[2]



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