Sabran Cormaeril was a young noble of House Cormaeril in Cormyr who was exiled for his participation in the Abraxus Conspiracy, circa the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR.[1]


Sabran was of small stature—thin, wiry, and quick on his feet. His hair was dark blonde but his eyebrows were black. The irises of his eyes were also very dark. He favored a clean-shaven look, dressed smartly in the latest fashion, and never went unarmed. He was often seen in the company of a small squad of bodyguards.[1]


Sabran was a young, swaggering noble with a big ego. He believed (or at least pretended) that he was the target of assassins from Suzail who wanted to eliminate him because he was a thorn in the side of the Obarskyrs and their allies. He cared little for the more rural and wild parts of Cormyr, generally viewing the Starwater River as the dividing line between civilization and the unwashed peasantry. His ultimate goal was to rule Cormyr.[1]


Sabran moved between Selgaunt and Westgate, never staying in one place for too long in case agents from Cormyr were looking for him.[1]

He was the leader of a covert group of exiled, discredited, and disinherited nobles that fomented trouble in Cormyr when they could. Usually this involved sending agents that were loyal to them, or hirelings when appropriate, but occasionally the young blades would disguise themselves and brave their banishment just for the thrill of doing so. Missions included everything from carrying messages or money to more destructive acts like setting fires, stealing wagons or boats, and assassinations.[1]

Contacting Sabran and his band was best done by leaving a message at one of the higher class taverns in Westgate or Selgaunt and waiting to be contacted by one of their agents.[1]


Sabran was born in the Year of the Morningstar, 1350 DR. He was exiled from Cormyr for killing or attempting to kill several nobles during the Abraxus affair in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR.[1]



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