Sabu lords, or “Lion Lords,” were large cats that lived on the plains and savannahs of Zakhara. They were very territorial, harassing any who traveled through their lands without permission.[1]


These cats were much stronger than other large cats. All had golden fur and males had red flowing manes. Their roar could be heard from far away.[1]


These cats entered combat surrounded by a group of regular lions who fought to the death to defend them.[1]

They were incredibly hard to surprise and could leap up to 60 feet (18.2 m) for a claw or bite attack.[1]

A sabu lord’s roar caused damage to all nearby combatants. Brittle items could even be shattered by its power. This roar also summoned all cats within a 15 mile (24.1 km) radius to the sabu lord’s aid.[1]


Sabu lords were vain creatures attended by a host of lions. They would usually only hunt for entertainment since food was provided for them. A sabu lord’s territory ranged for 15 miles (24.1 km) surrounding its lair.[1]

Mating between sabu lords occurred at the border between two territories. Cubs were fostered within the mother’s domain until adulthood where it would leave to find its own territory.[1]

Those passing through these territories were viewed as trespassers unless homage was paid. Gifts included food and treasure of various types. Those who did not pay were harassed at night by loud roars and attacked.[1]


Superstitious Zakharans considered sabu lords to be summoners of evil spirits.[1]

A sabu lord’s pelt was said to ward against evil spirits and curses including the evil eye. Sabu lord hair woven into a braid would protect the wearer from the evil eye for two months.[1]



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