El Sadimmin were the standard army of the country of Calimshan.[1]


The term sadimmin was plural, and meant "powerful swords".[1]


The Sadimmin forces of a given city were under the control of one of the sultans.[1] In 1370 DR, el Sadimmin had the following military ranks, from lowest to highest:[2]

By 1374 DR, Calimshan had reinstated the archaic ranks[2] of askar, djawal, and mumijin and created a new rank of sahrmak.[3] An askar was originally a term for a generic soldier.[2][4] Originally, "djawal" was a term for a noble soldier, or knight,[2] who were similar to officer cadets.[4] Historically, a djawal outranked a musar,[4] but this had changed by 1374.[3] Between the ranks of shyk and balak, the mumijin was now inserted, and a sahrmak was a higher ranking general than even a qayadin.[3]

Upon reaching the rank of balak or qayadin, a soldier in el Sadimmin was granted a mansion or villa on the syl-pasha's estate. This provided enhanced status for the officer but also meant that the syl-pasha could blackmail him more easily.[1]


The barracks for the soldiers of each sabban was known as a sadidah. A sadidah often had a minaret attached to it and was four stories tall or taller.[5] They tended to be simple and practical structures, holding 40 to 60 troops. Each garrison was controlled by at least four officers and contained armories as well. A sadidah armory was stocked about twice as well as that of a typical amlakkhan.[6]


El Sadimmin awarded decorations to its troops who had demonstrated bravery or other favorable things, such as simply surviving a conflict. Known decorations in order of increasing prestige included:[7]

  • Sword of the Syl-Pasha — an embroidered badge awarded for being wounded
  • Howl of the Black Horde — an embroidered badge awarded for skill during training
  • Chains of Harakhti — an embroidered badge awarded for service in a battle
  • Torch of the Seven Burnings — an embroidered badge awarded for service in a campaign
  • Axe of Shanatar — an embroidered badge
  • Eye of the Beholder — an embroidered badge
  • Quarrel of the Night — an embroidered badge
  • Fire of Memnon — a reddish gold sash
  • Breath of Calim — a silvery-gold sash


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