Saemon Havarian was the flamboyant and opportunistic sea-captain of the Galante and a corsair with a knack for getting out of trouble, often by putting others in it in his stead.[2]

History Edit

He took the Gorion's Ward's party to Brynnlaw, near the Spellhold asylum. Havarian subsequently betrayed the party as he lead them into a vampire ambush, from Bodhi's guild. In turned out that he was actually working for Irenicus, more or less against his will. After the adventuring party escaped from the maze under Spellhold, he appeared again with a plan to defeat Irenicus, which forced the mage to flee. Havarian offered to take the party to where Irenicus is going, but it was unknown whether the party agreed.[2]

Some time later, Havarian, under the name Esamon, was encountered by the party again in Amkethran. Here, he found himself in trouble with a couple of dim-witted thugs who demanded back their possessions. Upon seeing Gorion's Ward, he immediately said that they had the missing items and vanished with his usual "better you than me" apology while the thugs attacked them. After this, Havarian managed to make himself quite the local reputation as a daring thief, operating from a secret base in the city.[1]

Rumors Edit

It was rumored that Saemon took Gorion's Ward to Brynnlaw, through either the Shadow Thieves or Bodhi. The party may have chosen to take up on his offer, but it turned out he no longer had the Galante. They had to steal another ship from the Pirate King, as well as engaging in a fight when the pirates caught up with them. As they set out Havarian "gifted" the party with a blade of an unknown magical weapon he was given by Irenicus. It was actually a githyanki silver sword, a holy item of the githyanki, who soon caught up with the ship in a levitating craft of their own. Havarian tried to implicate the party for the theft of the blade, but the githyanki, led by Simyaz, decide everyone onboard was guilty by association and attack. The battle was interrupted by the attack of the sahuagin. The githyanki evacuated and Havarian teleported away while his ship sank along with everyone still on it, but the ward's party was captured alive by the sahuagin.[2]

Later on, Gorion's Ward may have asked Aran Linvail to hunt down Havarian for revenge. He may have helped the Gorion's Ward inside the monastery to confront Balthazar.[2][1]



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