Saerloon (pronounced: /sɛrˈlnsay-er-LOON[5]) was a Sembian city known for its gothic architecture, sprinkled throughout with gargoyles and other decorations, and for its mercantile activity, seasoned by thievery and intrigue.[2]


Saerloon was nominally ruled by a merchant prince, who ultimately served the merchant council.[3][6]


Saerloon was a busy shipping hub.[1]


Around 7,000 helms patrolled the city and surrounding area. In 1358 DR, Lady Merelith led these guards.[3]


Saerloon inherited its distinctive architecture from the Chondathan colonists who established Saerloon as their foothold in the area.[2]

In the early days of Sembia, the port was dubbed Saerloon after the master merchant Saer led Sembia to prosperity and wealth.[7]


Possible location of Onsible's estate in 1358 DR.

In the Year of the Serpent, 1359 DR, local wizard and recluse Onsible Draung was abducted and sold into slavery. When word of his disappearance got out, other wizards began looting his tower in the western part of the city. The competition got so fierce that a free-for-all spell-battle broke out that resulted in the deaths of wizards Ieirgyn Malaunt of Ordulin, Gargreth Mraeyvyn of Hillsfar, and at least twelve others. The triangular walls surrounding the compound were destroyed, no trees on the estate were left standing, and Onsible's tower was reduced to a smouldering crater. In later years, new houses were built on the site and no traces of the former estate were visible.[8]

In the Year of the Dark Circle, 1478 DR, Haelia Johannes was made the new Lord Governor of Saerloon. With the backing of her Netherese masters she began bringing Saerloon under control by exterminating any worship of deities besides Shar.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit


A map of Saerloon in 1358 DR.

Shops & Businesses
Dolphin Market[7]North Market[7]
The Blue Cow[7]Crommor's[3]Lady Rae's[7]
The Black Viper[3]Crommor's[3]
Temples & Shrines
House of the High One (Azuth)[7]Tower of Mysteries (Mystra)[7] • The Darkhouse (Shar)[9]


Rumors & LegendsEdit

After the conflict over Onsible's estate, the place was said to be infected with wild magic. One of the combatants was reportedly transformed into a phantom fungus and was rumored to roam the sewers, cellars, and wooded groves around Saerloon.[8]




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