A sai, also known as a tjabang, was a small melee weapon used in martial arts.[1][2]


The sai was a dagger-like metal baton or wand with two side prongs or tines curving up and out from the place where the grip met the base of the baton. All three tips of this weapon were blunt.[1] The side prongs may vary in style for different blocking and trapping moves.[citation needed] It was very similar to the jitte, which only had one projecting tine.[1]

An average sai weighed 1 pound (0.45 kilograms)[2] to 20 pounds (9 kilograms) and was 1–1.5 feet (30–46 centimeters) in length.[1]


Made light for quick movement, many blocking and trapping techniques were possible, aiding the wielder in disarming a foe. On offense, the sai could jab and strike like a dagger, delivering a concentrated, albeit blunt, blow to sensitive or vulnerable areas.[2]


Among many other strange weapons, sai apparently originated in Shou Lung.[3]


Sai were often used by monks, and they could executed a flurry of attacks with them.[2] Shukenja and wu jen were also known to use them.[1]

Weapons like sai featured in many tales of Shou warriors, yet they were practically unseen outside the temples and dojos of Shou Lung.[3] The sohei of the White Crane Temple mastered fighting with twin weapons such as sai.[4] The monks of the White Tiger Monastery also trained with sai.[5]



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