Saibhon el Bhiras was the Grand Yrshelem of Slaves of the Rundeen in 1370 DR.[1]


Saibhon was born the son of the leader of the Ice Chain slaver company in Calimshan, and his father taught the young Saibhon about the family business. When Shadi'ar nomads killed his father, Saibhon fought the senior slavers for control of the company and managed to keep them at bay until he gained the support of the younger slavers, which assured him the command chain. Saibhon was very competent as a slaver, always judging correctly about how slaves would survive until they arrived at the market. In time, many senior slavers decided to quit the business, and he bought for each of them a festhall in exchange for their quote of the company. His talent was recognized by the Rundeen in 1363 DR when the First Yrshelem of Slaving decided to appoint Saibhon as his heir and retired. Saihon accepted and gave the control of the Ice Chain to his best friend, although he retained thirty percent of the quote. In 1369 DR, Saibhon was promoted to Grand Yrshelem of Slaves, and he sought from then on to increase the Rundeen's participation in this business.[1]

Saibhon had a love for the most violent festhall, where he often beat his companion for the evening.[1]



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