The Sailors of the Crimson Sea, or simply the Sailors, were a prominent mercenary company based in Airspur in Chessenta and active in Chondath in the mid–14th century DR.[4][1][2] Their name was a complex metaphor: "the crimson sea" referred to a bloody battlefield, upon which soldiers were the "sailors". They didn't actually fight on water.[1][2]


The Sailors were formed in the 1350s DR by Bendix, but since then had suffered many misfortunes.[2]

In the 1350s DR, the Sailors of the Crimson Sea marched to the town of Timindar in Chondath, having been hired by Lord Reland Tymin to confront the dark forces of Yrkhetep at Thurgabanteth.[5] However, while passing the edge of the Chondalwood, they were ambushed by unknown enemies. Sniper archers killed Bendix and the ambushers used oil to burn his body to prevent resurrection. They even destroyed their food supply. Although the Sailors prevailed and killed all the ambushers, they were left with many wounded and dead and were in need of a cleric or priest to heal them, conjure food, and conduct funeral rites.[3]

After sending a messenger to Timindar, acting commander Lhrek Jarsyn, the mage Iurnan Chall, and other veteran members of the company went into the Chondalwood in search of more food. However, after killing a deer, cutting some branches, and starting a fire, they were captured by the druid Variath and his treants, who put them on trial. The treants demanded justice, accepting an apology and a compensation of 1000 gp. However, Lhrek refused, so Variath threatened execution. Adventurers sent from Timindar may have aided their trial; they were not executed and went on to Timindar.[3]

Soon after, the Sailors fought in the Battle of Thurgabanteth.[6]

After a political power struggle between Lhrek Jarsyn and Iurnan Chall, by 1357 DR Lhrek had emerged as leader but he took Chall as his chief advisor.[1][2]

They were active again in the early 1360s DR.[2]



They had 185 members and were divided into infantry, cavalry, and archers. The infantry comprised sixty veteran fighters and twenty less-experienced fighters, the cavalry comprised sixty less-experienced warriors, and the archers were forty basic warriors.[6][1][2][7]

Their leadership was a standard military hierarchy, with Lhrek Jarsyn as leader and Iurnan Chall as chief advisor and assistant.[1][2] Iurnan was the company's mage.[3] Beneath them were three lieutenants: Masoth, who led the infantry; Chard, who led the cavalry; and Vidad, who led the archers. The company remained together and traveled as needed.[2]


They had a generally lawful attitude. However, the tension between the leaders led to low morale,[2] with Iurnan saying mean things about Lhrek behind his back.[3]

Base of OperationsEdit

They operated in Chessenta and Chondath.[2][8]


Their tactics were sound once in battle. They were especially cautious in forests after their experiences in the Chondalwood.[2]


The infantry were equipped with longsword, shield, and plate mail or chain mail armor. The cavalry were equipped with lance, shield, and plate mail. The archers had longbows and leather armor.[1][2]


They tried to work for employers with good intentions, but they never worked for free.[1][2] They charged 250 gold pieces per week for their services. They would kept their side of a deal.[2]


They'd made a few enemies, but most were evil groups.[2]


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