Prince Natan of the House of Ithal-Strohm-Bormul[1] was a paladin of Ilmater who became a saint of that faith for his heroic sacrifice.[2]


Natan was the third son of Prince Coram of Tethyr,[2] but he died before his father would become king.[3] He was the father of future kings Coram II and Alemander I,[2] as well as three daughters.[4]


In the Year of the Keening Gale, 1050 DR, the paladin-prince was traveling with his family as part of a caravan when they were all attacked by three wereboars. Natan died saving his family, which included his newborn son Coram, and the strangers of the caravan. As his dying wish, he asked that a temple to Ilmater be built in his memory.[2]

Within a few months, the Church of Ilmater made Prince Natan a saint, and they constructed a garrison and temple as he had requested. In addition, the site became an orphanage with a school and a monastery, being called the Monastery of St. Natan.[2]

St. Natan's body was buried in one of the corners of the courtyard of the monastery, and his spirit continued to watch over the worshipers of Ilmater there.[2]



The reference material for Saint Natan was originally to be published on p. 81 of Lands of Intrigue Book 1: Tethyr but was cut in the editing process.[2]


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