Sairché was a female cambion and the heiress of the succubus Invadiah.


Sairché was the sister of Lorcan and the only cambion daughter of Invadiah.


In 1478 DR Invadiah was demoted to succubi in part due to the machinations of Lorcan and his protege Farideh.

In 1479 DR, she was summoned by Farideh in search of more protection and they made a deal that Farideh had to perform some missions for Sairché in exchange.

Sairché put Farideh and her friends into a deep sleep until 1486 DR when she needed their work. She instructed Farideh to secretely penetrate a Netheril camp on the Lost Peaks. With her new powers she individuated the Chosen prisoners. Sairché wanted to offer the divine sparks of the Chosen to Glasya or Asmodeus, hoping to increase her position. However, many factions, some of them fiendish, sabotaged each other and ultimately the victors were the Harpers when they freed all the Chosen. This angered the infernal patrons of Sairché in the Nine Hells.[1].




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