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Sakkors was an ancient Netherese city built on an inverted mountain top. Because of Karsus's Folly, it plunged into the Sea of Fallen Stars. Before the fall of Netheril, one of the High Arcanists, Xolund "the Maker", infused the mythallar of his own city with a rudimentary sentience, which called itself the Source. Unlike other mythallars, it could direct or withhold its magical power as instructed. Instead of powering all items in its proximity, it could focus all its power on a single item, on none, or on many. The development of a sentient mythallar had caused a stir among the arcanists of the empire, but the Fall had ended any attempts to duplicate Xolund's feat.[2]

Erevis Cale first discovered the ruined city and its protector, the kraken Ssessimyth. The mythallar had melded to the head of the kraken, and in the battle that ensued between Erevis and the kraken, the mythallar called out for help in Loross.[3]

The Shadovar repaired the mythallar, the power source keeping the city aloft. As of 1479 DR, Sakkors had a population of 15,000 and was commonly sighted over Sembia.[1]

By 1484 DR the mythal was dying[4] and Magadon Kest made contact with the mythal at the request of Drasek Riven. Megadon steered the city toward the Ordulin Maelstrom in order to lend the mythal's power to Drasek in an attempt to prevent Shar's void from growing. The residents of Sakkors evacuated prior to the mythal's complete collapse and the city crashed into the ruins of Ordulin, destroying the void.[5]



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