Salen was the leader of a group of mercenaries who drank at the Laughing Goblin Inn.[1]


Salen was a very beautiful salt-and-pepper-haired woman who was an experienced dagger thrower.[4]


Being the leader of her company, Salen was smart and sly. In her dagger-throwing contest versus Ren, Salen tried to trick the big man with weighted blades.[5]


Like many soldiers, Salen dressed in chain mail and fought with a sword, a few daggers, and a throwing axe.[1]


On the 19th of Flamerule,[6] 1340 DR,[7] Salen and her allies, Jensena and Gwen, challenged Ren o' the Blade to a couple of contests, which Ren won due to his cunning.[5]

On the night of the 28th of Flamerule,[6] Salen and her companions were attacked by a troll outside the Phlan city walls. During the battle, Ren joined the fray, but not before Salen and Gwen were killed by the monster.[3]




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