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Salmon, also known as sorn, was a common species of fish found throughout Realms.[6][15] Acting as a food source for many beasts, humanoids, and other creatures.[6]


The various species of salmon had different hues to their scales, with silver being more common in the Moonshae Isles. Salmon varied in size, the average being as long as an adult human's arm.[citation needed]


Salmon were known for returning to their spawning grounds in cold mountain rivers every spring to procreate and lay roe, giving birth to future generations of the fish.[6]


Salmon was a major food source in the spring when they traveled upstream to breed. During that time, many settlements brought in big hauls of fish, feeding the communities of the Ten Towns on Maer Dualdon[16], as well as wild beasts, such as bears.[6]

Salmon of the Lake Sember seasonally migrated down the Semberflow and River Ashaba towards the Sea of Fallen Stars. In the region, salmon and freshwater trout were the main food source for the elves, the Alu'Tel'Quessir.[2] From the Sea of Fallen Stars, salmon seasonally ran upstream towards the Dagger Falls.[3]

In Deepingdale in the Dalelands, salmon could be found in abundance in the waters of Glaemril and Wineflow, feeding the citizens of Highmoon and wild beasts. The salmon was a precious resource in the region and was under strict protection. Any passing traveler was considered a bandit if they caught more than one fish per person.[17] [18]

In Amn, salmon used the Comassur Creek as their annual spawning ground. The area was famous for being a great fishing spot.[4]

Methmere in Chessenta and Unther had a large population of salmon, trout, and bass that sustained the communities living on the lake's shores.[14]

Salmon could be found in great numbers between the islands of Gwynneth and Alaron of he Moonshae Isles, providing the local fisherfolk with a decent living.[8]

The isle of Gundarlun in Trackless Sea made good coin exporting smoked salmon.[9]

Salmon was among the species of fish that dwelt within the waters of the Lake of Mists, feeding the villages on its shores.[9]

The island of Wa in Kara-Tur had a rich food source in fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and squid.[12]

Beyond the Prime Material plane, salmon could be found on the Elemental Plane of Water where they swarmed the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls during certain seasons.[11]

Lampreys were small parasitic fish that attached themselves to bigger-sized fish, sucking the blood out of their hosts. Salmon was one of the fish affected by these parasites.[19]


  • Shaengarne salmon: This species of salmon traveled to the Shaengarne River every spring to their sprawling ground.[6]


Salmon en Croûte.

  • Clothing: Korobokuru dwarves in Kara-Tur often weaved cloth out of hemp nettle, bark, fur, feathers, and salmon skin.[20]
  • Deviled spice-and-salmon duck eggs: A famous delicacy from the Cold Duck eatery in Beluir.[13]
  • Marsemban tarts: Delicious pastries topped with parsley, potato, diced salmon, crab, and smothered in almond milk, wine, leek, and persimmons.[21]
  • Silky salmon and prawn tarts were one of the specialties of the Oak-Father's Boon inn in Mosstone of Tethyr.[22]
  • Salmon cream: A traditional accompaniment for brassla made out of dried and crushed salmon.[1]
  • Salmon en Croûte: A salmon dish from the Sword Coast that consisted of a fresh fish, wrapped in pastry crust and drizzled with a hearty buttter sauce.[6]
  • Salmon, steamed with shallot and wine cream: A local specialty in Fireshear, Frozenfar.[7]
  • Salted fish: Salmon was among the fish that were caught in the Lake of Mists by the people of the Endless Wastes.[10] Damara was a major exporter of both salted and smoked salmon, sold via Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[5]
  • Smoked salmon: A popular delicacy exported from the island of Gundarlun. It could often be found in Waterdeep's fancy establishments and served as an appetizer at various social events there,[9][23] or eaten for a fine breakfast in Cormyr.[24] Smoking salmon was also a common preservation technique among the residents of the Endless Wastes.[10]


In the days of ancient Netheril, salmon was commonly found in the Allegro River, Annagoth Bay,[25] and Fria River.[26]

In 1358 DR, during the Time of Troubles, the river of the Winding Water became corrupted, oily, and poisonous following the death of Bhaal. The river had been a habitat of salmon and, following the disaster, the population of the fish was decimated.[27]

In 1364 DR, delectable imported smoked salmon was served at an event hosted by Lucia Thione-Hhune, held in the ballroom of her Sea Ward villa in Waterdeep.[9]

In 1372 DR, a serving of bad salmon was blamed for the death of a nobleman from Daggerford, Elveronne Bricket. In reality, salmon was innocent and his murderous poisoner sister Muriel Bricket was to blame.[28]


  • Baraundarella was a voluptuous dancer who was unkindly called Salmon-Ella, for her fishnets that reminded some of fish in nets.[29].
  • The green elves used images of various animals as tattoos, representing individual's spirit animal. Salmon were one among their designs.[30]
  • The Silver Salmon was a hospitable inn in Corwell on the Moonshae Isles, named after the common salmon found throughout the isles.[31]


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