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A salt mephit was a mephit from the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Salt.[2]


Salt mephits were small outsiders that had crystalline flesh and red eyes.[1] Their bodies were grainy and white, like salt, with their wings composed of small cubic crystals.[2]


These mephits had sour senses of humor and were very sarcastic.[1] They enjoyed taunting other creatures.[2]


As with other mephits, salt mephits made use of their claws. If their claws exposed flesh, the wound would also be covered in salt, causing great pain and sometimes stunning their enemies.[2]

Such creatures could spray cones of salt crystals at their enemies, which caused their skin and eyes to burn and itch. They could also cover creatures in glitterdust; this revealed invisible foes and sometimes blinded them.[1]

Salt mephits could, once per day, draw out the moisture from living beings around them. This caused them to take damage, and was even more effective against beings that had an affinity towards water, such as plants. These mephits could only regenerate in dry environments that were not so humid.[1]

They were immune to heat and fire, but exposure to water caused them great pain. These mephits could gate in other mephits of the same type.[2]



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