Sammaresh, known as the City of Dancing Dolphins, was a city in Lapaliiya in southwest Faerûn in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


It stood at the western end of the Lapal Way,[2] and marked the westernmost settlement of Lapaliiya. It was huddled between three low hills that gave out onto a wide sandy beach at the eastern side of the Dolphingulf,[1] which was of course known for its dolphins.[3]

Government & ReligionEdit

Depend on those who are true to me? The "loyal and upstanding few"? How shall I know them until 'tis too late? Aren't they the ones who manage to make others forget that their fingers were ever on the hilt of the knife, ere it ends up in my back?
— Lord Daster Mremman, My Years on the Mantimera Throne

The ruler of Sammaresh sat upon the Mantimera Throne (named for the mantimera).[1] A former Lord of Sammaresh was Daster Mremman.[4] Circa 1372 DR, the city was ruled by Lady Ilnara Mremman.[1]

The rulers were traditionally advised by the Whispering Serpent, thought to be the ghost of a couatl.[1] Another important post was the Lord Sage, such as Sambrin Ulgrythyn in the mid–14th century DR.[5]

The civic deity of Sammaresh was Selûne the Moonmaiden. The people regularly made pilgrimages to the Abbey of Tharynd, just over the border in the Tashalar.[1]


Sammaresh was home to 21,912 people.[1]


The people made their living off the sea, by fishing and collecting emerald oysters for their rare and valuable pearls. As the bay was so shallow, the city's docks stretched almost half a mile (800 meters) out to sea, where the water was sufficiently deep for a ship's draft.[1] Aquatic elves living among the undersea hills in the bay also often went to the markets of Sammaresh to trade rare treasures of the sea.[3]



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