The province of sand in the Zakharan view of magic was a group of spells related to the element of earth,[1] taking its name from one of its most common forms in the desert lands of the Land of Fate.[2][3][4] Many of its spells contained and used sand as an essential part.[5][6]

The four elemental provinces played a very similar role for Zakharan magic-users as the eight (or nine) schools of magic did for Faerûnian ones.[2][7][8]

Elemental mages in Zakhara specialized exclusively in one province, like sand, while sorcerers took spells from two provinces, shunning the other two.[2] Unlike elementalists,[9] they recognized no opposition between sand and the other three elements in the Land of Fate.[2]

Paths of powerEdit

Zakharan practicioners of path magic recognized four paths of power within the province of sand:[10][note 1]

  • Road of Shifting Sands, mainly concerned with moving and shaping sand[10]
  • Glassblower's Path, manipulating and transforming sand[10]
  • Sandman's Path, inducing sleep and easing travel[10]
  • Road of the Dao, comprising spells to protect one against the elements and affect elemental sand/earth creatures[10]


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  1. Paths to power are an alternative system of rules for the spell progression and learning of spells by wizards for 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons. They could therefore be considered non-canon.


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