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Sarazh was the unofficial mayor of the town of Signpost in the noonday wilderness of Krigala on the plane of the Beastlands. She was a cleric of Deneir and a factor of the Sign of One faction.[1]

It's simple, really. You think what I think you think. Cross me, and I'll make you wish I never thought of you at all.
— Factor Sarazh threatening an Anarchist


Sarazh was a tiefling woman with pale, wrinkled skin. She had blue eyes and wispy gray hair,[1][2] which she wore in a messy topknot.[2] Her dreamy expression and tiny build made her appear more delicate than she actually was.[1][2]


Sarazh was very observant and had an incredible memory for details, which served her well in her role in her faction.[1][2] She could recall pages that she had read, maps that she had studied, faces that she had met in childhood—all with astonishing accuracy.[2] She was exceptionally intelligent and was able to piece together and correlate facts to solve mysteries.[2]


As a worshiper of the Faerûnian god of written knowledge, she had access to divine spells classified into the astral, charm, divination, and guardian spheres. She was especially skilled in divinatory magics such as detect evil, detect magic, and tongues, among others.[2]


Sarazh typically carried a quarterstaff with her.[2]


Sarazh ran the Dreamhearth, a manor and estate for the Sign of One located in the frontier settlement of Signpost,[1][2] but she effectively also served as that town's marshal and mayor.[1] She assisted Factol Darius in searching the multiverse for clues toward their faction's purpose.[2]


As a so-called "planar",[1][2] Sarazh was born and raised in the Outer Planes.[3]



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