Saribel Xorlarrin, later Saribel Baenre, was the "youngest and weakest" of the priestesses of House Xorlarrin.[5] She was the last living daughter of Matron Mother Zeerith[citation needed]


Saribel accompanied the expedition led by Ravel Xorlarrin to Gauntlgrym in 1463 DR.[3]

In 1484 DR, she accompanied Tiago to Clan Battlehammer in Icewind Dale in an assault that left many dwarves dead and others enslaved.[7] That same year, she married Tiago Baenre (also making her part of the restored House Do'Urden).[8] She took his family name, despite it being against drow custom, because Tiago and House Baenre were more powerful than her house.[2] After her marriage, she led orc forces against the town of Nesme.[9] When the orc forces overtook Nesme, Tiago and Saribel became the "Duke and Duchess of Nesme."[1]


Saribel was the daughter of Zeerith Q'Xorlarrin.[5] Later, she became the wife of Tiago Baenre.[8] Saribel hated Gromph Baenre.[6]





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