Sarkalla was a crazy Red Wizard of Thay in the Doomvault dungeon in 1486 DR.[1]


Sarkalla, in a word, was mad. Her main objective was to create a truly sentient ooze in order to use it as a "perfect assassin". She was greatly proud of her Ooze Master, and considered it her crowning achievement.[1]


Sarkalla was a transmuter assigned to the secret complex of Doomvault located under Thaymount. She was tasked with the mission of creating a perfect assassin and she decided that the best way was to create a sentient ooze. In time Sarkalla had success only in fusing humans and oozes, creating the Ooze Master.

Heroes from Daggerford fought with her wight minions, but after they destroyed the wights Sarkalla called a truce. She proposed that, if the heroes served as bodyguards and assistants for the Ooze Master, then she would give them information about the dungeon.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

If the adventurers agreed to serve the Ooze Master, then Sarkalla's madness can be used to make it appear that she would keep to the terms of the deal, but she had no intention to fulfilling her side of the bargain.


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