Sarya yr Kadila yr Pesarkhal el Thamal was the granddaughter of Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal of Calimshan through his daughter Kadila el Thamal. She was born in 1370 DR. When el Pesarkhal heard the news of the birth of Queen Zaranda Star and King Haedrak Rhindaun III's triplets two months prior, el Pesarkhal proposed a marriage between his new granddaughter and their son, Prince Coram Rhindaun:[1]

In the spirit of newfound trusts and to defuse long-held mistrust among our people of common origins, I would propose an alliance of your son his Highness Prince Coram with my little Sarya yr Kadila yr Pesarkhal el Thamal. Their marriage shall be proof of the new unity and prosperity our countries can achieve together rather than continue the enmity of past centuries.
  — Ralan el Pesarkhal, syl-pasha of Calimshan, Eleint, the Year of the Tankard

The results of this proposal are not recorded in history.


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