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Satcheera "Silvereyes" Moonfist was a female bard and a member of the Turning Key adventuring company.


Like the rest of the Turning Key, Satcheera lived at the House of the Key in Tavilar in the Vast.

Satcheera and the ladies of the Turning Key went adventuring on some far plane but suffered disaster, losing several of their number. Satcheera was one of the few survivors.

After that, Satcheera and the others chose to retire, but rather than return together to the House of the Key where they'd been happy together, they went their separate ways, to Berdusk, Neverwinter and Waterdeep. They never returned to Tavilar.

Hearing that adventurers began poked through the ruins of the House of the Key searching for treasure and turning up nothing, Satcheera remarked "Still haven’t found our jewels? They must be looking in far too dry a place!"

Growing elderly, she was the last survivor of the Turning Key, and passed away some time before 1370 DR.[1]


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