A satyr of the night was a satyr corrupted by shadow magic.[1]


The history of the satyr of the night was a very well-kept secret.[1]

A more frightening theory says that powerful Unseelie fey deliberately purged all information on the origin of these wicked creatures. Those who found out too much about them found themselves hunted by Unseelie assassins.[1]

The earliest appearance of a satyr of the night was during the war that split the elves, drow, and Eladrin into three very different races. During this war, powerful magic was used to rip the crossings between planes. Links between the Shadowfell and Feywild were formed, allowing shadow magic to seep through. These sites became the darkest places in the Feywild, and creatures that lived there were tainted by this power. Many evil fey could trace their origins to those days.


All satyrs of the night were once normal satyrs that were transformed by shadow magic.[1]

There were multiple ways a satyr could become so corrupted. One might choose this corruption to become more powerful and seek revenge on its enemies. Another might be lost in its current life and seek escape in a new dark life.[1]



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