Among sphinxes, saurosphinxes are the most civilized.[1]


Saurosphinxes avoid combat, but when given no other choice they try to limit an opponent’s ability to attack at range. They tend to make flyby attacks on opponents with long-range weapons— bows and crossbows, typically—and depart as soon afterward as possible. A saurosphinx forced to fight on the ground tries its best to take to the air and flee as soon as it can.[1]


Though not remarkably intelligent, they are far more interested in conversation than combat, and they sometimes travel long distances to listen to sages and scholars speak. Other, more aggressive sphinxes often see saurosphinxes as little more than educated food.[1]


They lair in rocky hills, where they seek the shade of small caves during the day and crawl out at twilight to enjoy the waning warmth. They dislike the cold intensely, and they flee from encounters with anyone who wields cold weapons or casts cold spells.[1]


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