Savanfast was a ruined dwarven fortress located in Eskorn, Laerakond.[1]


Savanfast was built within the hollow of a natural stone dome, and had windows that were non-existent in the outside carved in the sides of the natural formation, allowing the dwarves to watch the surrounding terrain without the risk of being spotted by potential intruders. Within the fortress were tunnels that led to other dwarven settlements, as well as magic light nodes that sang whenever intruders were near Savanfast.[1]


After the dwarves abandoned the place, Savanfast became home to several creatures that found their way into the fortress but were unable to return to the surface world.[1]


Savanfast was built by the dwarves of Durlyndbold as an outpost to watch out for dragon invaders during the first millennia of the Rule of Dragons. The outpost was later abandoned when the dwarves fled from Durlyndbold.[1]


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