A scaladar was a type of metallic construct created by the archmage Trobriand that dwelled within his domain in Undermountain,[1] known as Trobriand's Graveyard.[2]


Scaladar were huge creations that resembled mechanical scorpions in both form and behavior. They possessed two large pincer-like foreclaws and a segmented tail that arced with electricity.[1]

Scaladar were controlled by a series of magical rings known as Trobriand's rings. Anyone wearing one of these items was protected from their ire and could command any of the constructs located within a 100' (30.5 m) radius. Scaladar could understand their commands regardless of their known language. If a scaladar received contradictory commands from two individuals wearing these rings, it would immediately shut down for an hour. Naturally, Trobriand's personal ring superseded the commands given by any of the other ring-bearers.[1]


Like other constructs, scaladar were immune to poison, could not be charmed, and did not require food, drink, air, or sleep in order to live. They were resistant to many forms of damage and even absorbed electrical currents and lightning, channeling it through the "stinger" attached to the ends of their tails.[1]

They were innately aware of any other scaladar located within a 100' (30.5 m) radius.[1]

Notable ScaladarEdit

  • Squch, an "enhanced" scaladar that possessed increased intelligence and took upon a leadership role within the Graveyard during the 14th century DR[2]



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