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Scalamagdrions, also known as Guardians of the Tome, were powerful, dragon-like creatures that had innate magic-dampening powers. They were known for being used as protectors, who watched over arcane tomes and spellbooks.[1]


They were large creatures, around 12 feet (3.7 meters) in length and had silver or gray scales. The wings of scalamagdrions were rather diminutive for their size. Their prehensile tails had a number of spiky protrusions.[1]

In a superficial sense, they resembled young silver dragons.[1]


Scalamagdrions were stalwart defenders and could be tasked with defending a single tome of arcane knowledge or power. They did so with aggressive fervor.[1]


As a species, scalamagdrions possessed powerful antimagic powers and properties. They were capable of continuously turning any spells directed upon them and could silence anyone around them, as per the arcane spell.[1]


Scalamagdrions were aggressive combatants and attacked at first sight when designated as protector over a book. If they were challenged by a group, they were shrewd enough to know their arcane protections would thwart most spellcasters and immediately went after any warriors or martial-oriented foes at first.[1]


While they were solitary creatures, scalamagdrions were believed to lair in a vast network of tunnels and caves, or perhaps even some extra-dimensional realm. It was believed by some that these were located somewhere beneath the Great Glacier.[1]


One page within the spellbook known as the Scalamagdrion contained a picture of the creature. If any prohibited individual attempted to read the book, a portal to the scalamagdrion's domain was opened up and one appeared before the reader.[1]




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