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Scale armor was a type of armor used on Toril.


Plate mail consisted of a leather coat, leggings and sometimes skirt which was covered in small plates of overlapping scales. The finished armor would often resemble the scales of a fish.[6] Although steel was commonly used to make scale mail, actual animal scales (like dragon scales) could be used. Although heavy, the flexibility and adjust-ability of scale mail armor made it surprisingly easy to wear.[7]


Coin Armor
A rare form of scale armor made with over a thousand coins. They were typically seen in use by high-ranking generals and dignitaries.[8]
Sea Elf Scale Mail
An expensive form of scale armor that was unique to the sea elves. They were made with rust-resistant metal with a silver coating and affixed to a backing of eel-skin. They were typically seen only in times of war or ceremony.[8]

Notable Wearers of Scale armor[]


  • Scalemail was the only type of armor that worshipers of Sseth were known to wear. These were fashioned to resemble the scales of snakes and tinted in a pattern common to one of Faerun's many serpent species.[9]



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