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; 3rd level : [[Greater Magic Fang]]
; 3rd level : [[Greater Magic Fang]]
; 4th level : [[Poison (spell)]]
; 4th level : [[Poison (spell)]]
; 5th level : [[Animal Growth]] - [[Ophidian]] and [[reptile|reptilian]] creatures only.
; 5th level : [[Animal growth|Animal Growth]] - [[Ophidian]] and [[reptile|reptilian]] creatures only.
; 6th level : [[Eyebite]]
; 6th level : [[Eyebite]]
; 7th level : [[Creeping Doom]] - Composed of tiny snakes.
; 7th level : [[Creeping Doom]] - Composed of tiny snakes.

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The Scalykind domain is a deity domain that grants divine spellcasters scalykind spell powers. They gain the ability to rebuke and command reptiles much as an evil cleric rebukes undead.

Deities with the Scalykind domain

The Scalykind domain is an uncommon one, but its sponsored deities come from all over Faerûn.

Scalykind Domain Spells

1st level 
Magic Fang
2nd level 
Animal Trance - Ophidian and reptilian creatures only.
3rd level 
Greater Magic Fang
4th level 
Poison (spell)
5th level 
Animal Growth - Ophidian and reptilian creatures only.
6th level 
7th level 
Creeping Doom - Composed of tiny snakes.
8th level 
Animal Shapes - Ophidian and reptilian creatures only.
9th level 


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