Scar Company was an irregular military unit that protected the city of Neverwinter from the horrors of the Chasm in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


Scar Company was composed only of a handful of spellscarred individuals who were skilled combatants. Their headquarters were located in Scar Keep, a ruined military outpost near the Chasm. In spite of all the hardships they faced, or perhaps because of them, Scar Company soldiers were renowned for their courage and dedication to Neverwinter.[1]


Scar Company was perpetually ill-supplied as no Company soldier was allowed to leave the Chasm once they were sent there, and few people in Neverwinter were willing to brave a trip into the Chasm to give them supplies, for fear of the plaguechanged horrors or of contracting a spellscar (or something worse).[1]


In the late years of the 15th century, Dagult Neverember, as part of the rebuilding efforts of Neverwinter, decreed that all citizens who were affected by the Spellplague were to be sent to Helm's Hold for treatment. This edict was known as the Protector's Law. However, for those few who were also skilled combatants or had any training in fighting skills, Neverember devised an alternative plan: they could "volunteer" to serve as Neverwinter's sworn protectors, fighting the plaguechanged horrors of the Chasm.[1]



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