Scarabs of goodwill were enchanted amulets of the Nephthysan faith typically found only in Mulhorand, also popular among the clerics of Waukeen.[2]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Scarabs of goodwill, like other scarab amulets, were carved in the shape of scarab beetles. Only usable by clerics, these items were imbued with a beneficial enchantment that allowed the wearer to cast the friends spell on themselves, dramatically increasing their charisma once a day for approximately one and a half minutes.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Scarabs of goodwill were created by a priest of Nephthys from Mulhorand, named Ani Haloua. She created her amulet to be more effective in negotiations with the local merchants and regular folk of her town. With time, similar scarabs started appearing in Faerûn and were especially beloved by the clergy of Waukeen.[2]

In 1281 DR, two of these scarabs were located in the far north of Faerûn. One was in possession of Orrick the Gray, a reclusive wizard studying mythals in Kuldahar, not far from the Spine of the World[2]. And the second one - sold by Quinn Silverfinger in the Golden Lodge temple of Lonelywood, Ten Towns.[1]

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